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Wests National Coaches recognises that feedback, both positive and negative is an inevitable part of our business and is essential to providing excellent, consistent service.

Though sometimes not thought of, we really appreciate a compliment about a driver, staff member or charter trip as this encourages us when we are doing a good job and we like to pass this on to the driver concerned.

We are aware that you may want to let us know when an aspect of your trip might have room for improvement and appreciate suggestions. We also acknowledge that on occasion there may be an aspect of our service or staff conduct that is deemed not acceptable and would rather you let us know and allow us a chance to try and rectify this.

Our complaint policy aims to:


Please Note: Wests National Coaches cannot accept responsibility for feedback/complaints made about matters that are entirely out of our control, that we are not directly responsible for or about another organisation. If you would like to give us some feedback on a charter/make a formal complaint or compliment our service please feel free to fill in details below, they will be emailed directly to us and we will aim to respond to all correspondence within 15 working days.